rabbit OS

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rabbit OS packages the technologies into a delightful and organic experience.

rabbit OS is the culmination of the full experience, combining the breakthrough Large Action Model, a cloud environment to host helpful rabbits, and a highly affordable mobile hardware device designed for daily use. Our design philosophy is that intelligence in the hands of the end-user is achievable without heavy client-side computing power. By carefully and securely offloading the majority of computation to data centers, we open up opportunities for ample performance and cost optimizations, making cutting-edge interactive AI experiences extremely affordable. The hardware device hosting rabbit OS does not require expensive and bulky processors, is extremely environmentally friendly, and consumes little power.

Another important aspect of our experience is our commitment to privacy. Our device does not default to an "always listening mode" and only registers the information the user wants it to recognize. It is not designed to radically uproot our current understanding of how we interact with computers. Instead, its goal is to evoke positive emotions and create a sense of familiarity with existing devices and usage patterns, but in a more refined, efficient, and delightful way. LAM does not have access to the user's personal computer or their existing phones. Instead, it provides a "playground" with a fresh, virtualized desktop or mobile platform where one can demonstrate certain actions on applications on a "blank canvas." rabbit's data infrastructure is fully compliant with major industry standards, ensuring high levels of security and encryption. The data retention policy is also standard, and users have the option to delete their stored data at any time they desire. Finally, the user will be aware of and have control over which types of actions are being delegated to the rabbits, with confidence that they will be executed in a respectful manner that best represents their interests.